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Inner Compass cards by Neel van Lierop, an everyday tool to (re)discover your path.


Inner Compass cards by Neel van Lierop.
The Inner Compass cards are an everyday tool to (re)discover your path. The cards come in a keepsake box. Each card is beautifully illustrated. A small guidebook is included in every card deck. Sukha curated all three versions of the Inner Compass Cards: The original Inner Compass Cards, the Love Cards, and the Inner Compass Kids Cards.

The Original Inner Compass Cards
An easy-to-use, highly effective tool for self-reflection and personal growth with playful and whimsical undertones.

Inner Compass Love Cards
Designed to guide you through all your relationships. They are the internal map for a life filled with love; inspiring you to cultivate and maintain healthy interactions throughout all your connections. The cards open your eyes to the many ways in which connection is possible, awakening your relationships into healing opportunities to amplify love, growth, and connection.

The Inner Compass Kids Cards
It offers children insights and tools to step into their power, playfully. This deck is a unique and wonderful tool to pass on valuable life lessons, skills, and values. It reminds children that they are loved; that we have to take good care of each other and the earth; that we all make mistakes, and that we get further as a team.

Ideal for conscious parenting, the Inner Compass – Kids deck is both beautiful and educational and will be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Children can play with the cards by themselves, or together with others such as parent(s), grandparents, friends, teachers, or anyone wanting to see them flourish.

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