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co • gi • tate | think deeply about something; meditate or reflect. Creating your own little moment of peace and quiet each day is very important. We like to sit down and relax on our Chulto Island. P.s Our whole Chulto family is back in stock.

We’re pretty sure that this is the most comfortable scarf around. Scarf Jantine is made of cashmere from happy goats in Mongolia and handwoven by a women’s Fairtrade empowerment group in Nepal. Now available online! Make sure to check out this beauty.

Sukha works mostly with wool from happy sheep from New Zealand. These girls at Terschelling are their sisters from another mister! Did you know that sheep wool has an incredible, natural UV protection built right in? It helps to keep sheep from getting sunburnt.


Never miss a chance to dance. Sukha’s motto on this first day of a new week. Have a good one!

Seems like winter is trying to hold on to us and we can definitely use some extra coziness. Our blanket Lazy is made of wool from happy sheep in New Zeeland. Sofa, bed and hug proof.

You cannot find pearls on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it. Come and see these treasures for yourself in our flagship store! Created by nature, finishing touch by ‘Parel van Karel’.

Sunday is the perfect day to stay a little longer in bed. Sukha thinks it’s not about being lazy, we just have our energy saving mode on. Have a comfy morning everyone!

wool • ga • the • ring | dreamy imagination. On the 9th of February Sukha illustrator and artist Barbara van den Berg joined us in our flagship store. She drew some unique Sukha pieces, big and small sizes. This is one of the personalised Valentine’s examples she made. Stay tuned for more ‘Sukha Paints’ sessions!

Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it with faith, feed it with joy and feed it with love. Part of our handmade ceramics captured by @jeltje_fotografie • the perfect finishing touch for your soul food. Make sure to check out these beauties.

“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sun beans and you will always look lovely.” If you can relax your mind a bit, you will look rested as well. Lovely words by Roald Dahl.

This is Sukha’s pouf Cleo, one of our biggest hand braided friends. Cleo is definitely the best excuse to stay home this Friday evening and just take it easy. So far our best advise for this cold day.

Sukha’s wooden spoons in a jacket. To stir, and even more important, taste everything you cook. Psst, remember that the secret ingredient is always love.

Breathe in the air of new places. Sukha found this wonderful mystic door in Old Delhi, India. Enjoy this new week!

Sundays are about taking time to make your soul happy. So be sure to relax and recharge a bit today! Take a look online to see our Swing for Two. Link in bio. P.s. Our sheepskins from Texel are back in stock in our flagship store!

Sukha presents: the making of our shopper! These beauties are made of a heavy cotton and decorated with a hand-printed poem. Groceries, books, laundry, leave it up to us!

Sometimes you just need a good pillow fight. Never underestimate the importance of having fun! Happy Tuesday everyone!

dandelion • some see a seed, some see a wish. Meet our top Wies, made of crispy cotton from India and made by a women’s Fairtrade empowerment group in Nepal. Find Wies online or drop by our store!

The world is your oyster and you are the pearl. These beautiful findings are created by nature and finished with a magical touch of Rens from ‘Parel van Karel’.

Sukha believes that painting is silent poetry. Our illustrator Barbara van den Berg joined us in our flagship store to created some wonderful big and small paintings. Drop by our store to get yourself one of these Sukha treasures!

Our Sukha ceramics family is just the right blend of simplicity and pureness. And they make a perfect combination with our wooden bowls and plates. Want to start your own family? Check out our website or drop by in our flagship store.

We’re definitely in need of some vitamin D. What about you? This handsome getaway is shot by Mirjam Bleeker & Frank Visser for one of our favourite books ‘Close to Nature’. Available at our flagship store.

Look carefully around you and recognise the brightness of every other person. We’re proud of the whole Sukha family close by and overseas. Lovely words by Rumi.

e • ly • sian | beautiful or creative, divinely inspiring, peaceful. These words perfectly describe this refined piece of jewellery by Nolda Vrielink. The white colour of this beautiful bracelet is caused by a special technique that brings the fine silver to the surface. Available in our flagship store.

Life is about using the whole box of lovely crayons. This colourful beauty is made of cotton patches and handmade by women from India following an ancient tradition. It’s a unique piece, available in our shop and online.

Sukha presents to you: our collection of handmade treasures! Our beautiful ceramics and flying butterflies from Nepal, the Balinese coconuts, African baskets and the wooden bowls and plates from India. Drop by to see this lovely cabinet for yourself or take a look online