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vi • va • cious | full of life and good spirits. Happy and lively in a way that is attractive. This word describes our Maya flags perfectly

Early mornings • when it feels like the rest of the world is still fast asleep and you are the only one awake.

Light as feather we fly above the ground, we like to put our head in the clouds. Keep on dreaming!

With the sun, the trees and fresh air, who could not be happy? We definitely are. Captured a few summers ago by Anne Dokter.

u • bun • tu | the belief that we are defined by our compassion and kindness towards others. There’s a bit of African wisdom in our new African baskets. Now available in the shop.

Rays of light, come to me, wander with me…

From Kala cotton to scarf, from seed to garment. Scarf Ella is now available in the shop and online.

Big, beautiful scarfs have often small beginnings. Hand loomed Kala cotton in India.

It’s no secret, we believe it’s all about te people. Come and visit us, we’re OPEN! From 11.00 till 18.30



Flowers and an endless table. Ready, set, breakfast!

Wishing you all a lazy and sunny Sunday!

Moving together! Starting from the 15th of June Sukha amsterdam & Atelier Sukha will be posting on one Sukha social media account. Be sure to keep on following us by clicking @sukhaamsterdam

Celebrate summer with us and get 15% discount online. Use coupons code “zomerzacht” when checking out from our online store. Valid for customers until Sunday evening 28th of May.

Back in stock: Sukha’s Maya & Tara flags. Celebrate your Sunday in style!

Sukha’s birdies are as wild as the wind! Take them for a flight high in the sky.

Sukha’s got a spread in Seasons Wonen #5 It’s a good day to have a little splash with these temperatures! Let’s celebrate the first day of summer!

We would like to invite you all for the book signing of OUT OF FASHION | THE NEW FASHION by Birgitta de Vos.
When: May 17, from 2 till 4pm.
Read more about the book here

OUT OF FASHION | THE NEW FASHION is a picture poetry book embracing time as a treasure. Away from the fast lane of fashion it takes us on an inspirational world tour meeting forgotten textile makers and methods.

Here’s a sneak peek of Sukha’s photoshoot

Getting ready for a new day, enjoy yours!

We captured the perfect view of Sukha’s new tipi with Anne Dokter. We had a good time shooting in the Veluwe.

Today we celebrate our freedom, stay true to yourself and the people around you, be kind and spread a little bit of love!

Sukha’s Chulto Carpet is a treasure for the eye, but a real treat for your feet. Dive into this great island of wool!

Have a seat, before this handmade treasure is gone.