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Long live these summer days. Endless sun means endless fun. Featuring our soft and breezy top Hanna.

When we fill our minds with beautiful thoughts, our world becomes a beautiful place. One of Sukha’s favorite summer poems from our poetry book.

Rain means green leaves. Our mantra for this weekend. Sukha’s shop beautifully captured by @petitepassport. Find out which brands we sell (and why we do that) at our website.

A house is made of wall and beams. A home is made of love and dreams. Sukha’s home captured by @jeltje_fotografie, featuring our spoonbag Koen.

Feet up. Head down. Sometimes, all we need is a new perspective. Featuring our Chulto Carpets. Link in bio.

Petra Lunenberg is known for her highly feminine, free and suggestive lines. She creates beautiful drawings that let you dive into a world of allure.

La • gom | not too little, not too much. Just enough. Summer days ask for light and breezy fabrics and that’s where Sukha’s scarf Katie comes in.

Wear that summer dress with pride. Feeling ready for it, come on baby: rock those rays of light!

Sukha’s wooden beads: a jewel of nature, a decoration for your wall.

dandelion • some see a seed, some see a wish. We’re sure that flowers feed the soul.

When life gives you curves, flaunt them. That’s exactly what these Tahiti pearls do. Created by nature and finished with a magical touch of Karel.

Pomandere’s new blouse: a fabric where two seasons meet. Breathable and warm at the same time.

Refined yet powerful. Memento leaf: A little piece of nature captured in Eva Schreuder’s jewelry. Picture by Hellen Mucek.

New week, new changes. Let’s steal the show!


vi • va • cious | full of life and good spirits. Happy and lively in a way that is attractive. This word describes our Maya flags perfectly

Early mornings • when it feels like the rest of the world is still fast asleep and you are the only one awake.

Light as feather we fly above the ground, we like to put our head in the clouds. Keep on dreaming!

With the sun, the trees and fresh air, who could not be happy? We definitely are. Captured a few summers ago by Anne Dokter.

u • bun • tu | the belief that we are defined by our compassion and kindness towards others. There’s a bit of African wisdom in our new African baskets. Now available in the shop.

Rays of light, come to me, wander with me…

From Kala cotton to scarf, from seed to garment. Scarf Ella is now available in the shop and online.

Big, beautiful scarfs have often small beginnings. Hand loomed Kala cotton in India.

It’s no secret, we believe it’s all about te people. Come and visit us, we’re OPEN! From 11.00 till 18.30



Flowers and an endless table. Ready, set, breakfast!

Wishing you all a lazy and sunny Sunday!