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e • ly • sian | beautiful or creative, divinely inspiring, peaceful. These words perfectly describe this refined piece of jewellery by Nolda Vrielink. The white colour of this beautiful bracelet is caused by a special technique that brings the fine silver to the surface. Available in our flagship store.

Life is about using the whole box of lovely crayons. This colourful beauty is made of cotton patches and handmade by women from India following an ancient tradition. It’s a unique piece, available in our shop and online.

Sukha presents to you: our collection of handmade treasures! Our beautiful ceramics and flying butterflies from Nepal, the Balinese coconuts, African baskets and the wooden bowls and plates from India. Drop by to see this lovely cabinet for yourself or take a look online

dra • gon • fly | Signifies a path to a new period. They are about transformation, a change in perspective and energy. Dragonflies always navigate with elegance and grace. Ours are made of Lokta paper, originating from the trees in the Himalayas and made by a Fairtrade empowerment group in Nepal.



Good things take time. You are looking at the very beginning of our cardigan Joy. Hand knitted in Nepal by a women’s Fairtrade empowerment group with great dedication. Drop by Sukha’s store or check out our link in bio to see the beautiful end result of the collaboration between Sukha and FANT.

Cheers! 365 days, 365 opportunities. Happy new year everyone! With joy, Sukha.

‘Sometimes, the greatest adventure is simply a good conversation.’ Sukha’s advice is to unplug a little now and then. Have a great New Year’s Eve everyone!


House + love = home. This wonderful picture of Sukha’s home was taken by for the Happinez october issue.

It’s the season to sparkle and these beauties from Bali definitely do. These tea light candle holders are made out of one unique coconut. Available in our shop and online.

‘Daring, loving, connecting.’ It’s a beautiful thing when two creative minds come together. FANT and Sukha decided to start a collaboration. Cardigan Joy is the wonderful result of these two brands. Joy is hand knitted by a lovely women’s Fairtrade empowerment group in Nepal.

‘Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a wonderful conspiracy of love.’ Christmas is almost there. Ready, set.. Sukha Dinner!

From all of us at Sukha: we wish you the whole wide world! You don’t need an envelope, you can send this wishful card straight away and spread the word.

Our Atelier’s mantra: start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. Just one out of many beautiful pictures @jeltje_fotografie took of our renewed store.

Seek what sets your soul on fire. Our candle holder is made by a Fairtrade empowerment group in Nepal. These lovely people have been working in ceramics for years, passing on their craft from generation to generation. Available online and in our shop.

Be filled with wonder, be touched by peace. We believe our minds benefit from stillness. This peaceful picture of Sukha’s home was taken by for the Happinez october issue.

Today Sukha illustrator and artist Barbara van den Berg will join us in our flagship store for Sukha Paints. She will draw some unique pieces, from small to big! Maybe even a personalized one. Drop by our store to see how Barbara works and get yourself a Sukha treasure..

Some advice from a Christmas tree: sparkle as often as possible and bring joy to others. Get yourself one of these handmade beauties and create your own Sukha Christmas!

It’s all about making some time for each other. Let us focus on friends, family and good food. We present to you.. Sukha’s lovely new poem. Spread the word!

This is the time of the year to reconnect with your loved ones. Gather around the table and ‘talk to the ones who make you see the world differently.’ Lovely words by Rumi.

It’s definitely time for lots of warm tea, good books, long walks and fine company. Our cashmere hat is handmade by a women’s Fairtrade empowerment group in Nepal and now available in our flagship store and online.

Wherever life plants you, bloom with joy. This lovely picture is shot by @mirjambleeker for the Happinez October issue.


sho • shin | the practise of seeing life with wonder. A picture of the first ‘Sukha Paints’ session. Our illustrator Barbara van den Berg joined us in our flagship store to create some wonderful big Sukha paintings. Be sure to get yours on the 15th or 22th of December.

We’re pretty sure that every color of the rainbow is involved in the proces of creating this beauty. It’s completely hand embroidered by Bhutani women. Sukha has endless respect for such dedication. You can actually wear this special one, just like the Bhutani women did in ancient times.

Grateful for where we’re at, excited about where we’re going. Sukha wishes you a thankful Tuesday.

Beauty doesn’t have a weight limit. We like it big. And beautiful. Our Chulto Island is hand braided by a women’s Fairtrade empowerment group in Nepal.