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Artwork Bamboo Black 2


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‘De schilder laat de schoonheid van het universum door zich heen stromen, het ego van de schilder zet een stapje opzij.’

The painter lets the endless beauty of the universe flow through herself, the ego of the painter will step aside.

Mathilde de Vriese used an ancient painting style ‘Sumi-e’, originally performed by Japanese zen monks. You need years of practice to create such an image.

The red, square stamp means ‘love’, the other one ‘non-duality’; inside – and outside as well day and night, as well individual and the whole universe.

approximately 22 x 31 cm

Unique, original artwork is painted on 40 years old paper.
Attached to a block of Dutch pinewood.

Mathilde de Vriese, visual artist and zen teacher. Life itself and Buddhist practice have inspired her for many years. Together with her husband, she runs a ‘zen temple’ in Amsterdam Noord. For more information about her please visit:

You can easily attach the artwork to your wall, due to the hidden little hole in the back of the wooden block. Simply hit a nail in the wall and you’re done.

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105 x 160 cm, 145 x 200 cm