Super soft cashmere pants by Atelier Sukha. Luxurious and light – soft and comfortable.

Color: light grey and oatmeal. 

S/M or M/L.

Please note the pants will expand a bit after wearing them a few times, because of pure material.

100% cashmere of the finest fiber selection.

Atelier Sukha, locally sourced Yak wool, knitted in Nepal.

Washing is not always necessary and it is hard on your garment and on the environment. Cashmere is a self-cleaning fiber that requires less washing than other materials. To save resources, simply air your garment for a fresh start.

However, if you do wish to wash your garment, we recommend cold wool or hand wash program, using a high-quality wool soap such as Ecover or Sonett. Low cycle. Avoid twisting, pressing, or squeezing the water out and let the garment dry flat.

Washing in the machine is at one’s own risk, as we cannot guarantee the individual program settings on washing machines.