Handmade carrying basket by Fulni-o.

Hand-woven tote bag made out of cotton by Fulni-o artisans. The Fulni-o live in the North-Eastern part of Brazil. This tribe has a population of 4,5K. They are the only ones in the Amazon region who still speak their own language. The making of these beautiful bags serves as a way to keep the culture alive for the new generations.

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Small —
width: 33-38 cm
depth: 25-35c

Every piece of artisanship is 100% handmade, and one-of-a-kind. The product you receive might vary slightly from the picture, due to the uniqueness of each product.

Handwoven cotton.

Handmade by the Fulni-o in the Amazon Basin, South-East Brazil. Brought to us by Incausa.

‘Indigenous art represents to the native people of the Amazon Basin an opportunity to preserve an integral livelihood and an alternative to industries that threaten to undermine these communities.⁠ The work of these artisans represents a connection to their ancestry that spans millenniums, with the power to create a dialogue between different cultures and break a cycle of prejudice and discrimination.

It’s the support, space, and heartfelt work of this growing network of independents which enables us to continually expand these dreams of social business experimentation. We vow to continue observing territorialism and reserve from working with the corporate world to ever strengthen our bond to the local markets and local initiatives.’ — Incausa