Unique, unisex perfume. Murmur is an intuitive, fresh, but deep scent.

Murmur is the favorite Pigmentarium perfume of Trijntje. She loves the mix of fresh and spicy notes.

50 ml / 1.7 Fl.Oz.

Top notes: Amber
Middle notes: Rose, Patchouli
Base notes: Oud, Santal, Civet, Musk

Pigmentarium, the first Czech independent perfume house led by Tomáš Ric, who has been the brand ́s creative director since its establishment in 2018.

We fell in love with their four unique perfumes, modern, open-minded philosophy, focus on local craftsmanship, and exquisite eye for beauty. It is a brand where ethics and aesthetics meet.

“It’s always there. Omnipresent. Intimate. You can feel it inside and out but there’s no way of touching it, no way of stopping it. Some call it love. You know it’s your indescribable obsession. MURMUR. The familiar voice at the back of your head, the way your heart skips the same every time, the way your skin heats up, and your body tingles in sensation. Are you ready to dive in?”

You can only return perfume when it’s unopened and unused. Every perfume bottle is delivered sealed, so we can’t take it back when the seal is broken.