Unique, unisex perfume. Paradiso reminds us of the first dip in the pool on a hot summer day.

Paradiso is the favorite Pigmentarium scent of Irene, she immediately fell for this warm, sunny scent. Reminds her of long Summers in the South of France, endless beaches, warm blue’s and soft sandy colors…

50 ml / 1.7 Fl.Oz.

Top notes: Grapefruit, Tangerine, Rhubarb
Middle notes: Juniper Berries, Pepper
Base notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Ambergris


Pigmentarium, the first Czech independent perfume house led by Tomáš Ric, who has been the brand ́s creative director since its establishment in 2018.

We fell in love with their four unique perfumes, modern, open-minded philosophy, focus on local craftsmanship, and exquisite eye for beauty. It is a brand where ethics and aesthetics meet.

“Just like the first dip in the pool on a hot summer day. All it took to fall in love with the sweet delight of life itself was the way the sun rays softly kissed the turquoise water in the morning, the way the small drops glimmered on your skin, while the words unsaid played louder than the soft beat in the background, the one that always made you dance. The carelessness of it all, made you feel sexier than ever. Your own perfect Paradiso, always in your mind at the reach of thought.”

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