Elegant eco-friendly silk shirt.

XS t/m L

Elevate your everyday moments with the CHLOE SHIRT SILK. Made from drapey Eri silk that is soft and ever so slightly lustrous, this button-down blouse feels as natural as a second skin.

CHLOE has an easy fit that is ideal for relaxing, yet the refined neckline with a tie detail and mother of pearl buttons also make it an elegant choice to wear out.

100% Eri silk – a cruelty free alternative to conventional silk that is only harvested after the moths have naturally emerged from their cocoons, leaving them unharmed by production.

aiayu, locally sourced in Assam, India. Certified Fairtrade and sustainable.

Silk is a delicate and luxurious fabric and should be handled with great consideration and care. Washing is not always necessary. It is hard on your garment and on our environment. Save resources and simply air your Aiayu garment after wearing it.

However, if you do wish to wash your garment, we recommend hand wash, 30 degrees, using high-quality liquid silk soap. Simply let the garment soak in water for 10-15 min and rinse in 30-degree water. Avoid twisting, pressing, or squeezing the water out. Let the garment dry flat.