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Browse through Sukha’s selection of handmade cards and poems. Check out our Japanese stationery by Penco and the high-quality Japanese Midori notebooks. Perfect as a gift or a treat to yourself. After all, the joy is in the little things.



Handmade Sukha cards
Each Sukha card is written or illustrated by Atelier Sukha. We use environmentally friendly FSC and ISO 14001 certified paper and our cards are printed at De Toekomst in the Netherlands.

Do you want to send a virtual hug to your loved ones? Check out the simple, yet powerful Card Hug, or the beautiful Card Soothing. And we are so happy we printed one of our core messages on paper: Poem Little Things. 

Japanese stationery by Penco
Penco is inspired by a prototypical American hardware store. All of their items have an American retro feel. Everything is designed in Japan. Discover the most beautiful Penco Pencil Timber in a white Sukha color to write a lovely message on one of our beautiful handmade Sukha cards. Or check out the playful fast stamper kit to create cute little stamped notes for your loved ones. 

Penco is part of the Hightide brand family. Hightide brands are known for their attention to detail, materials, and great design. This can be seen throughout the entire Hightide range of casual everyday stationery.

MD Paper and MD Paper Covers
Midori notebooks and Midori paper covers are one of the most famous products of Midori Japan. They are known for their super high-quality paper. Their notebooks are treasured for years by their users. MD Paper is made from hardwood pulp, resulting in an ultra-soft paper feeling, your pen or pencil will slide smoothly over every piece of paper.

For every MD Notebook threaded binding is used. Threaded binding makes the pages both robust and easy to open. Usually used for items such as notebooks and journals that will be used for a long time, this binding’s ability to open to a full 180 degrees provides the ultimate comfort when writing. 

Midori Paper covers are made from Cordoba, a leather look-alike material. It actually is a thick smooth moist textured paper. 

Rest Leather Elephant key chains made by From Africa.
Did we mention the joy of life is in the little things? These cute elephants bring a little luck wherever you take them. There is a Mama Elephant and a Baby Elephant. Both cute, both everlasting. Made by Afrographic, a Cape Town based design studio, and social enterprise and made out of veg-tanned rest leather. 

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