Wholesale platform

We have been curating brands since 2010 for our Sukha Amsterdam flagship store and soon our own brand Atelier Sukha was created. Now we have broaden our horizon and build a wholesale platform. Here we gather with other brands to share our craftsmanship, knowledge and creativity. Together we like to inspire to enjoy life, here and now. We do not follow summer or winter. Our collective products are timeless and therefore we avoid the ‘rat race’ of producing a new collection every season.

The following brands already joined our wholesale platform:
FANT, Barbara van de Berg for Sukha and of course our own brand Atelier Sukha.

For more information or login details for our online wholesale platform
contact us via our contact page

Are you already a stockist?
Please go to wholesale.sukha.nl and login to your account. 

Atelier Sukha

With a total dedication to social entrepreneurship Atelier Sukha develops unique items
that are handmade from natural materials.


FANT products are refined and raw, graceful and rugged. They are a fusion of the modern and historical use of fabrics, clothing, colors and patterns from all over the world. FANT products carry their own story, which is respectfully and lovingly preserved and given a new progressive direction in the world.

Barbara van den Berg for Sukha

Barbara’s drawings are like silent poetry.