The way we work is simple. We slow down in a fast world and see the beauty in small things, we laugh with our hearts and make time for joy in our lives. With every item of clothing, piece of furniture, poem and drawing, we try to bring beauty and joy to life. 

Sukha means ‘joy of life’ in Sanskrit. It is in our store and studio, where beautiful things are conceived, developed and created by a team of designers, makers, illustrators and in house poets. From our Amsterdam flagship store to the ateliers in Nepal, we believe in natural, good quality products that are kind to the planet and good to the soul. 

Our label, Atelier Sukha, uses only the purest, most natural materials such as wool, linen, cotton, clay, lokta paper and cashmere, ensuring we create timeless home goods and apparel that will last. In Nepal, we use craft to collaborate with people we care for and support, making sure they can build a future for themselves and their community.

Sukha, is our way of life. We welcome you in to our store and online.