Sukha is a cosy flagshipstore in the heart of Amsterdam. Everything we sell – from fashion to furniture and from accessories to art – comes with a complementary dose of Sukha.

Sukha means ‘joy of life’ in Sanskrit. And that is exactly what we are about. Sukha is a place where beautiful things are conceived, developed and created. We stand for sustainable production and take great care in selecting unique items that are handmade from natural materials and are often locally designed. Everything we do is done with a great deal of attention and consideration, always with a twinkle in our eye and, above all, joy of life.

Having worked with beautiful, good-quality, natural products for many years, we felt that launching our own label was the logical next step. The clothes, furniture and accessories that we produce under the Atelier Sukha label are made of pure, natural materials like wood, wool, linen, cotton, lokta and cashmere. Our clothes and accessories will make you feel at home wherever you are in the world. And because of the timeless designs and the superior quality of the materials we use, you will enjoy them for many years.

We see Sukha as an extended family: our in-store staff, our illustrator, the designers, our poet-in-residence and of course, our production teams. In fact, the people in India and Nepal who make our own Atelier Sukha fashion and home accessories are at the very heart of the Sukha family. Our goal is to provide them with a fair and stable income and a solid base for the future. We spend a lot of time living and working with them, perfecting the techniques and patterns for our designs and producing quality handmade items that you will cherish for years.

That’s why our clothes collection doesn’t necessarily change with the season. Instead, we listen to our customers’ (and our own) needs and wishes, and then start sketching, discussing, designing and producing. That way our own collection grows organically. And because we use natural, high-quality materials our clothes age beautifully, they are highly versatile and they can be adapted to suit any season or occasion. Our woollen cardigans, for example, are great in winter in front of a roaring fire but also make a wonderful spring coat or a cosy wrap-around blanket on long flights.