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Atelier Sukha

With a total dedication to sustainability Atelier Sukha develops unique items that are handmade from natural materials.

Monique van Heist 

Monique has a powerful philosophy, we are proud to stand next to her. She takes slow fashion to the next level. 

Elsien Gringhuis

Young Dutch designer Elsien only uses ecological material and fabrics. Her pieces transcend time and place. Sukha loves her focus on craftsmanship and eye for detail.


Based on freedom, independence and well-being. We really like the uniform style combined with easy-to-wear items. 


Organic and ethical clothing. Sukha loves the elegant and female touch.

Petra Lunenburg

Beautiful feminine lines. Simple but significant. 


You can feel the harmony of their family business. But most of all we’re in love with the beautiful Italian fabrics.


Simple Dutch design. Fits every women.

Kings of Indigo

Dutch organic denim brand.
Focuses on the perfect fit. 


Their bags become more beautiful every day. Designed and produced in the Netherlands. 

Rue Blanche

Classic, Belgian garments. 

Eva Schreuder

Refined, handmade jewellery from Leiden. 

Julia Otilia 

Organic jewellery. Sukha really likes her frivolous designs. Julia collects the seeds and nuts that she works with from all over the world. 


Unique pieces made out of reused materials. 

Eva Crebolder

We are a big fan of Eva’s handmade harvest vases.

Esther van der Sluis

These little pieces of art are produced at a temperature of 1300 degrees. That’s what makes them so strong.  We like the contrast in Esthers work. Always elegant yet sober. 

Susan Bijl

Washable ‘daily’ bags. You can literally use these your entire life. Made from the same textile that is used for manufacturing kites. 

Nolda Vrielink

Amsterdam based. All her jewellery feels fresh and minimalistic.

Dream Tribe

Dream Tribe travels the world in search for unique treasures. Sukha gets inspired by her way of collecting materials.