A classic throw made from the softest and strongest llama wool.

This product is a part of AIAYU DOMUS, their homeware selection. Objects for all the moods and moments that make a home.

130 x 160 cm

100% baby llama wool of the finest selection.

The flexible ribbed knit structure gives the TITO ample softness and volume – making it the perfect companion for cozying up on the couch. Designed by nature and refined by human hands, the throw is untouched by chemicals and comes only in the natural colors of llama wool.

The TITO is named after Aiayu’s dear friend and production partner in Bolivia, who has been a key player in making the Aiayu dream a reality.

All throws are wrapped in a cotton bag that is perfect for multiple purposes: use it to store your lingerie, shoes, or make-up. The bags are ideal for using and re-using.

aiayu, sourced and refined locally in Bolivia in a WRAP-certified factory.