A natural perfume by Lingua Planta. Understory is an invitation to look underneath the surface of the undergrowth. A symbol for all the unseen, forming ancient bonds, generating the soil that gives us life.

50 ml or 10 ml.

Every Lingua Planta perfume is moleculair build with essential oils that come from nature.
The small and big perfumes will be wrapped in a small organic cotton bag.

Top Notes: Violet leaf, Bergamot, Balsam fir
Heartnotes: Sandalwood, Lavender absolute, Dark patchouli
Basenotes: Orris/iris root butter, Oakmoss absolute, Frankincense

Merle Bergers, founder of Lingua Planta.
All Lingua Planta products are all hand-blended in the Netherlands, artisanally made with natural essential oils, ecologic where possible and with our love for nature and all things natural in our mind, heart, and noses.

For a very long time now humans have placed themselves above other species. Relatively new research has shown plants do communicate and are exchanging complex information with each other, with insects, animals, even humans.  This is the language of scent; Lingua Planta. A journey of attention has been put into finding the finest aromatics to ensure a high-quality product that is also friendly to earth.

“Underneath the low growth on the floor of a forest including seedlings, saplings, smaller plants and fallen leaves lies a mysterious world, carrying the wisdom of a billion years. A layered scent, thick with mosses and resins, enveloped by earthyPatchouli and Vetiver, so  ened by Lavender absolute, Tonka and powdery Orris root.”

You can only return perfume when it’s unopened and unused.
Not sure if you will like the scent? Order the 10ml version to try it out.