we curate and create natural, handmade products that are kind to the planet and good to the soul. 

Come play with patterns. You can endlessly mix and match with @aaaacoop 's textile totems. ⁠

Every step in the process of creating an @aaaacoop textile totem is done by hand. From picking the cotton, spinning, weaving, dyeing, and painting.⁠

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Wearing something made by hand feels so special. It is an honor to wear your pieces of textile art around our wrists, dear @myriambalay ♥⁠

— just a couple of bracelets of Myriam's latest drop are available in-store or online.

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This little oak family is something special. Every piece is handmade in the Netherlands by @fant.projects. Although it looks like the oak wood is painted, the beautiful black color is actually obtained by a natural chemical process. The artworks are finished with eco-friendly oil. ...

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