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'Made to make you feel you are being wrapped in the gifts of nature.' The natural perfume by @linguaplanta is something special. ⁠

Her discovery kit is now back in stock. It's the best way to intimately get to know all of the Lingua Planta perfumes, to find out what works best on your skin and which fragrance you love best. Available in-store or online.

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We like to play. ⁠

Having fun with @fant.projects newest home item — blanket 𝑪𝑳𝑶𝑼𝑫. It's super warm, cozy, light-weighted, and made of the finest selection of mulesing-free wool. ⁠Brought to life by @forestrywool and FANT.

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Five of our favorite 'virtual hugs' you can send to your loved ones. ...

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