we curate and create natural, handmade products that are kind to the planet and good to the soul. 

Gather around the table and discover our thoughtful gifts. ...

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A note from us to you. ⁠

We believe the beauty of things lies in the people who secretly put their heart and soul into it. ⁠

We believe a piece of clothing becomes more valuable the longer you wear it. We believe in buying less, in buying responsibly. We believe in the importance of knowing who made your clothes.⁠

We believe in deepening the connection between maker and buyer, between (natural) fabrics and wearer, between craftsmanship and end-product. We believe in creating a place where you can slow down, a place where we can connect.⁠

Thank you for being part of this slow movement. Thank you for being part of our Sukha family. ⁠

Love to see you soon xx Sukha

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Looking for a special, handmade gift? Meet this joyful trio.⁠

The Piu Set is made by @annvincent_ in Gent. Every candle is hand-sculptured. Three special candles, three artworks, three pieces of pure craftsmanship.

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