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Explore a unique selection of handmade wall art, handmade paintings, and Fair Trade wall hangings.

Complete your slow home with this natural, Fair Trade wall art. Sukha curated a diverse collection of handmade wall art for you. We source for beautiful neutral tones, pure craftsmanship, and unique art, to complete your natural interior, your natural home.


Discover the textile totems by AAAA, all unique art pieces made in Mali.
Atelier Autodidacts Anti-Algorithms (AAAA) is a cooperation of Artisans from Mali. Each textile totem is made of the Bogolan. The Bogolan is a traditional handmade Malian cotton fabric (finimugu) dyed with fermented mud. Creating such a piece of art is a cooperation between people and nature. It is a true slow art process and product. By buying an AAAA product you support skilled Malian artists and help to revive Malian culture, heritage, and ancient crafts. 

Each handmade painting by Mathilde de Vriese is a little masterpiece.
Mathilde paints on original Japanese paper, which is 40 years old. Each handmade painting is attached to Dutch pinewood. Make a beautiful simple collage of a handmade painting by Mathilde de Vriese and our Sukha cards, poems, and illustrations.

Handmade Paper Fans
Our Fairtrade Paper Fans are made from Lokta paper and have a simple look and timeless design, handmade in Sukha’s Fair Trade ateliers in Nepal. These artisans are specialized in producing handmade paper and have been working with this natural material for ages. By buying a paper fan, you support Sukha’s Nepali artisans and their families. Hang these paper fans on your wall and combine them with some handmade cards by Sukha. 

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