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Explore our selection of slow living lifestyle books by Natalie Walton, Gestalten, Birgitta de Vos, and many more. 

Reading is the perfect homestay activity. Dive into the most beautiful homes, stunning surf spots, or discover hidden spots in South Africa.

Natalie Walton is an interior stylist and writer from Australia.
She is based on the New South Wales central coast. She creates genuine and atmospheric interiors, meaningful products, and emotional connections to stories for brands and businesses. Natalie Walton has always been interested in understanding how our environments shape our lives and communicating big ideas in engaging ways. These days she tries to connect people through her online styling masterclasses.

This is Home: The Art of Simply Living
This simply living book is a back-to-basics guide to create authentic, natural interiors. It is about finding the essence of what makes you happy at home and creating spaces that reflect your needs and style. Natalie Walton portrays different homes – and their owners and lifestyles – to show you how you can create an authentic home yourself. The previous home of Sukha’s founder Irene Mertens is featured in this book. Natalie: ‘It is one of the most magical homes I’ve ever visited. Filled with sensory treats, whimsy, and artistry.’ 

STILL: The Slow Home
In May 2020 Natalie Walton launched her second book STILL, the Slow Home, a follow-up to Natalie’s successful This is Home book. It invites readers to take on the philosophy of the SLOW movement. Living: Sustainably, Local, Organic, and Whole. It is a portray of different homes and their owners and how they implement a sustainable lifestyle into their daily lives. 

Slow living lifestyle books by Gestalten
We curated a bunch of beautiful slow-living books, all published by Gestalten: an international publishing house collaborating and engaging with creatives around the world to explore the fields of architecture, interior visual culture, and design. Go on a virtual vacation and discover hidden gems all over the world in books like Hide And Seek, Out of The Woods and The New Mediterranean.

Find hidden surf spots in Morocco, Northwest – and Southwest Europe.
Surfing and traveling: these boos have the best of both worlds. The I love the Seaside books are travel guides to Morocco, Northwest and Southwest Europe. The books point out our favorite places to sleep, surf, and eat.

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