This book is all about slow flowers: the flowers of the future.

Katja Staring tells the story of clean flowers cultivated by innovative pioneers with heart and soul. The global slow flower movement is also active in the Netherlands and Flanders, Katja Staring interviewed 25 pioneers. Each of them tells a part of the story of clean flowers, from seed, bulb, and tulip fields to picking fields and florists. They share their enthusiasm for natural flower cultivation, providing a wealth of background information and eye-opening insights.

The concept of slow flowers explained:

LOCAL: They are grown in your region by a gardener you know, carefully selected by the florist around the corner. Or: picked by you at your local picking garden, or even from your own garden or balcony.

SEASONAL: Slow flowers follow the seasons: tulips and daffodils in spring, vibrant colors in summer, and in winter, creations with rose hips, evergreens, and stylish dried flowers.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Flowers grown with respect for nature, animals, and people by a gardener who works pesticide-free and with respect for the soil: healthy for all living things.

28 x 22,4cm

Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 192 pages

Katja Staring, published by TERRA