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natural perfumes — Lingua Planta

by Merle Bergers

Natural Perfume by Lingua Planta

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Dive into the world of Lingua Planta — the story of the secret plant communication via scent. Lingua Planta created 5 unique natural perfumes with essential oils that come from nature: Attract, Repel, Defend, Understory and Henosis. Each bottle is hand-blended in the Netherlands.

Natural Perfumes by Lingua Planta
Every Lingua Planta perfume is made with essential oils, absolutes, tinctures and natural isolates that all stem from nature. Each bottle of perfume is hand-blended in the Netherlands, artisanally made, organic where possible and made with love for nature and all things natural in mind, heart, and nose.

Lingua Planta tells the story of the secret language of plants via scent. 
For a very long time humans have placed themselves above other species. Relatively new research has shown plants do communicate and are exchanging complex information with each other, with insects, animals, even humans. Dive into this miraculous world full of surprises.

Lingua Planta created 5 unique scents: AttractRepelDefendUnderstory and Henosis. Where Attract, Repel and Defend are all about plants communicating above ground, Understory is about the intelligence, communication and collaboration underground between mycelium and trees.

Each perfume is available in a small (10ml) and big (50ml) version. You can first test the perfume for a couple of weeks to see if it's a match. We offer the Discovery Kit by Lingua Planta too, so you can discover which perfume suits you best.

Lingua Planta perfumes are consciously composed fragrances, handmade with care and consideration for the more-than-human world. It is the intelligence of plant life that inspires founder Merle Bergers to make fragrances with a message that you can carry with you throughout the day. By offering a modern take on the ancient craft of natural perfumery her products invite you to listen to a different perspective on the meaning of scent in nature by redefining its integral beauty.

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