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 Nolda Vrielink designs beautiful, simple, and timeless jewelry in the heart of Amsterdam.

Her minimalistic jewelry complements every outfit. We are in love with Nolda Vrielink's jewelry because it is so refined, elegant and subtle. Every design is well thought out and you see the joy it brings Nolda to create each jewel.

Every creation by Nolda Vrielink is a subtle eye-catcher that you will cherish for many years. Discover her best-selling Heart Earrings and Spoon Earrings in gold or silver. Her love for playing with silver, gold, and special little stones results in simplistic designs that carry out the beauty of the materials. To Nolda, it feels like doing a jigsaw puzzle. 

She likes her jewelry brushed, blackened, or white. The white color is caused by a special technique that brings the fine silver to the surface. This white color may change over time. The beautiful black color is created by oxidizing silver.

Silver jewels oxidize over time. This means the upper layer of the jewel turns black under the influence of components in the air or even the acid in your skin. Nolda recommends polishing regularly with a soft cloth like cotton or silk. If you clean jewels with polish please don’t brush too hard to keep the product at his best.

Nolda Vrielink's black jewels are made dark with a dipping solution. This speeds up the oxidation process. It is a thin layer. The black colour will disappear where the surface rubs your skin or clothing. This way you will give your jewel the finishing touch. This will result in a worn-out look. Blackened silver should not be cleaned or polished.

We have a diverse selection of Nolda Vrielink jewelry. She creates jewelry especially for us, like silver rings with beautiful gemstones or refined bracelets. These items are only available in-store. Nolda's earrings are represented as well in our webshop as in our flagship store in Amsterdam. Her ultimate best-sellers are the Spoon Earrings in gold and silver.

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