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Sukha Foundation offers disadvantaged children in Nepal a chance to a happy and independent life by financing their education and, if necessary, accommodation as well. These children miss one or both parents which means that they have a very tough and poor outlook with no opportunities to establish themselves in society. Sukha Foundation enables them to have primary schooling and in is some cases a vocational education as well. At the moment for instance we support some children doing IT and Business Administration bachelors. Besides education we also help fund the orphanage where some of our supported children live and learn.

Should you consider a gift to Sukha Foundation or wish to receive additional information then please contact our treasurer at:

The board of Sukha Foundation works pro bono, 98% of the funds the Foundation receives are spend directly on the children.

Is sponsored for 4 years Bachelor Business Administration.

“Picture shows the work done by the staff in the business organisation. As I am a student of BBA (Bachelor Business Administration). I have a plan to work in a business organisation. There are lots of business organisation and I have chosen banking sector as a target. I would like to be the branch manager of the organisation. As I feel I am able to work in that field. And I feel myself able to do that work. I feel I have the ability to lead, manage and motivate staff. And I have sales and marketing skills. And I am able to take responsibility and decisions. In that picture people are communicating and implementing business, marketing and sales plans. Staffs are developing with the local community and business dealing with customer complaints through different medium.”

Is sponsored for Class 11 & 12.
We are sourcing funds for her wish to study BIT.

“My name is Salina. I am 16 years old. I live in Nepal. My hobby is reading novel and listening music. I also like watching socials, movies and reality shows. I have cleared my SLC (School Leaving Certificate) higher secondary with 3.35 GPA point. Currently I am studying at class 11. I have chosen management faculty with computer science as my optional subject. After class 12 I want to study BIT. My aim is to become a technician. This is picture of a bank. I want to work in a bank and in the further future I want to establish my own office or bank. In the picture I am working in the office in computers. The second floor is my office and the first floor is the room to keep the records. Thank you!”


Is sponsored for 4 years Engineering of Electronic & Communication

“In the figure here shaded man which represents me. As I am a student of Engineering of Electronic & Communication. I have a plan to build communication networking system in the society. In context of Nepal there is lacks of communication system so my aim is to increase communication in Nepal. I am also interested in social work so I will plan to build hospital in village areas and provide free service for the patient. Figure shows my dream which I like to achieve in future. “

Is sponsored for Secondary School up to Class 12.

Project realized in February 2016 in Nepal

New wooden benches and tables for the KTS primary school in Lalitpur.
Made possible by the donations of Conclusion, KPN and the Dutch Railways

Project realized in December 2015 in Nepal

Furniture and interior constructions of the new KTS orphanage in Lalitpur.
Made possible by the donations of Conclusion, KPN and the Dutch Railways