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Natural home design. Curated for you, by Sukha. We offer a beautiful collection of natural furniture, handmade rugs, and woolen blankets.

Handmade rugs by Studio Daniel Costa.
LUM is the title of Studio Daniel Costa’s first collection of rugs which is rooted in the mountains of Nepal, the ground where yak, sheep and goat graze and over thousands of years have adopted to whipping weathers.

The collection by Studio Daniel Costa is realized in collaboration with Van Caster and is connected to the local spinners and weavers as well as it is interwoven with the yak farmers who live in very remote areas high up in the Himalayas. LUM is the beginning of a long-term research project into sometimes rare or forgotten, sometimes daily and astonishing basic, or in reverse very intricate techniques of fiber-processing and rug crafting.

Studio Daniel Costa aims for the highest level of craftsmanship as well as for the highest possible quality in fiber, revaluing the maker, the hand and the hand-made, durability and the emotional value of textile. LUM is the humming of a love-song to hand and fiber, matter and people, animals, plants and the fertile soil. An ode to the hand and the hand-me-down. 

Handmade rug Rhadi is made of 100% Yak wool. This type of wool is an ancient material, which has been used by Himalayan nomads to make clothes, ropes, rugs, and tends. It is remarkably strong, has a primordial feeling, a reassuring hand, and a gentle shine. ⁠

Natuarl rug Earth is made of the finest Nepalese handspun yak wool and nettle. Nettle is known for its innate strength, firmness, and bringing tactility to the textile.

Chulto carpet and handmade woolen blankets by Atelier Sukha
Our handmade rugs are made in our Ateliers in Nepal. Every rug is made of natural wool, sourced in New Zealand. The rugs are hand-braided, and it takes about a week to finish one single carpet. The handmade chulto carpets give a beautiful texture and feeling of warmth to your home. 

Our cozy handmade woolen blankets are definitely a home essential. Curl up on the couch with these hand-knit blankets or use it as a luxurious bed throw. 

Swing your worries away with our handmade Sukha swing.
Our wooden swing is handmade in the Jordaan in Amsterdam and a fun, relaxed item in your natural home.

Buy natural furniture from €79.
Our complete selection of natural furniture, handmade rugs, and blankets is available in our Amsterdam Sukha store, and you can explore the entire collection in our webshop.

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