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Atelier Autodidacts Anti-Algorithms

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Discover the textile totems by AAAA, all unique art pieces Fair made in Mali.


Atelier Autodidacts Anti-Algorithms (AAAA) is a cooperation of Artisans from Mali. Each textile totem is made of the Bogolan. The Bogolan is a traditional handmade Malian cotton fabric (finimugu) dyed with fermented mud. Creating such a piece of art is a cooperation between people and nature. It is a true slow art process and product. By buying an AAAA product you support skilled Malian artists and help to revive Malian culture, heritage, and ancient crafts. 

Every Textile Totem pattern has been named by AAAA. Their ancestors taught them to make patterns holding a variety of protective and beneficial properties. They learned from their ancestors and like to pass it on but with a contemporary twist. Locally grown herbs are used to dye and mud from the Niger River to paint the patterns. Every Totem is packed in a Malinese cotton sleeve, accompanied by a beautiful booklet about AAAA, her artisans, and their craft. Textile Totem Birth, Stability, and Flexibility are our ultimate best-sellers. They have found a home in places all over the world.

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