5 unique, unisex perfume samples to discover which one is your ultimate favorite.

Enjoying a terrace view over the sun-soaked sea; a rooftop party overseeing a city at late night; sitting in the relaxing shadow of trees in a garden, or the cool and calming silence of a church. Experience it all with our Pigmentarium Discovery Set.

5x 3ml / 5x 0,12 Fl.Oz

the 5 Pigmentarium perfumes; Genesis, Paradiso, Ad Libitum, Murmur, and Erotikon.

Pigmentarium, the first Czech independent perfume house led by Tomáš Ric, who has been the brand ́s creative director since its establishment in 2018.

We fell in love with their four unique perfumes, modern, open-minded philosophy, focus on local craftsmanship, and exquisite eye for beauty. It is a brand where ethics and aesthetics meet.