4 unique, unisex perfume samples to discover which one is your ultimate favorite.

Enjoying a terrace view over the sun-soaked sea; a rooftop party overseeing a city at late night; sitting in the relaxing shadow of trees in a garden, or the cool and calming silence of a church. Experience it all with our Pigmentarium Discovery Set.

4x 3ml / 4x 0,12 Fl.Oz

the 4 Pigmentarium perfumes; Paradiso, Ad Libitum, Murmur and Erotikon.

Pigmentarium, a Czech perfume house founded by creative duo Tomas Ric and Jakub F. Hiermann.
We fell in love with their four unique perfumes, with their modern, open-minded philosophy, their complete focus on local craftsmanship, and their exquisite eye for beauty. It is a brand where ethics and esthetics meet.