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Natalie Walton is an interior stylist and writer from Australia. She is the author of the slow living books This is Home and STILL: The Slow Home.

Natalie Walton is an interior stylist and writer from Australia.
She is based on the New South Wales central coast. She creates genuine and atmospheric interiors, meaningful products, and emotional connections to stories for brands and businesses. Natalie Walton has always been interested in understanding how our environments shape our lives and communicating big ideas in engaging ways. These days she tries to connect people through her online styling masterclasses.

As the founder of Imprint House, a design studio and online emporium based in Australia, she helps people enhance their everyday. These ideas are distilled in her books This is Home: The Art of Simple Living (Hardie Grant) and Still: The Slow Home (Hardie Grant). 

Natalie’s first book ‘This is Home’ is about simple living. It shows us how to focus on our values to create authentic homes full of meaning and joy. Natalie Walton steps inside sixteen homes across the world to meet the people who made them, and discover whether there is some universality to what makes us happy in the spaces we inhabit. Filled with beautiful photography, transporting stories, and practical advice, This Is Home reminds and inspires us to nurture the space that helps make our lives possible. The previous home of Sukha’s founder Irene Mertens is featured in this book. Natalie: ‘It is one of the most magical homes I’ve ever visited. Filled with sensory treats, whimsy, and artistry.’ 

Still is an interiors book that invites readers to take on the philosophy of the SLOW movement. Living Sustainably; Local; Organic; and Whole. 'It talks not just to the question of the physical structures we choose, but also the surrounding environment, and what effect that can have on general happiness and wellbeing. Still includes about a dozen case studies featuring escape homes and owners who live according to these aforementioned principles, enlightening readers as to why they chose this path and how it has benefitted their lives. It is the follow-up to Natalie Walton’s successful first title This is Home.'

Both books are created by Natalie Walton and photographer Chris Warnes. Chris is a regular contributor to leading Australian interior publications, photographing homes and interior spaces. This is Home and Still are published by Hardie Grant.

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