Beautiful handwoven quilt by RaasLeela, using the very special Sujani technique.

Sujani craft from Gujarat, India is at the verge of extinction as there are only very few artisans left who are practicing. Rafiqbhai is one of the artisan who has the last traditional loom. We’re very grateful for Rafiqbhai.

approximately 100 x 130 cm.

100% handwoven cotton quilt. Bleach and dye free fabric.

RaasLeela, a beautiful brand from India.

RaasLeela follows sustainability as a lifestyle by repairing, conserving and consuming less and following eco-friendly practices.  It is a solution-driven brand. Every design, material, and the process is chosen thoughtfully that serves as a purpose rather than making just esthetic products. RaasLeela focuses on making a difference – in consuming resources, in reviving crafts, in providing an inclusive growth to people who are connected with the brand.