Handwoven natural rug, made in Nepal, designed by Studio Daniel Costa.

Color: 01 white, as seen in the second picture.
Also available in 4 other colors.

102 x 174cm

The finest Nepalese handspun yak wool.

Daniel Costa uses the finest quality yak wool. He believes the fiber is the beginning of, and expression of, all textile quality. It defines the lifetime of a rug, the way it ages, and the way it lasts. Yak wool, which has been used by Himalayan nomads to make clothes, ropes, rugs, and tends, is remarkably strong, has a primordial tune, a reassuring hand, and a gentle shine. 

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Fairtrade  in traditional Nepalese Ateliers, designed by Studio Daniel Costa, in collaboration with Van Caster.

The Rhadi rugs are available in any preferred size and 4 other colors. If you are interested in purchasing a specially made rug, please email us and we can advise you on color and size. The price per m2 is 675EUR.