We love to show you what we like to wear nowadays  — and how we wear it.
By sharing the different personal styles of our Sukha team members
we like to inspire you with some beautiful, unique outfits.

part. 8 – Sophie

Nothing feels more like Summer than bare legs.
Sophie loves the feeling of light,
natural materials on her skin.

This linen skirt Image matches beautifully with shirt Play
— as seen in the previous Sukha wears edition.
The contrast between the mud color and the warm,
bright blue brings the outfit to life.

The skirt is made of 100% Belgian linen
and the shirt is made of 100% bio poplin cotton.
Both created by FANT.

part. 7 – Sophie

Sophie loves to wear clothes you can work, play ánd relax in.
She likes styles which are work wear inspired,
and adores earthy, warm colors. Any kind of blue with
a warm touch of brownish red suits her very well.

Sophie is wearing shirt Play and pants Path, both designed by FANT.

part. 6 – Margareth

Did we mention Margareth loves blue and white?
Classic, timeless colors, with endless combinations.
She likes cool, boyish, vintage-inspired items.
A great, comfy sweater combined with a cool pair of pants is one of her favorite uniforms. 

Margareth is Girls of Dust number one fan.
She wears a super soft organic fleece sweater.
A stunning, high waist, blue chino. And she tops
it off with a Japanese inspired quilted jacket,
made from raw cotton. All made with love by Girls of Dust. 

part. 5 – Irene

Irene likes to wear something simple, yet elegant.
She combines cool and warm colors,
so she creates a strong and lively outfit.

Irene wears the Monique van Heist dustcoat in beige,
a crispy cotton dark blue blouse by Pomandère
and her all time favorite dark blue Alice jeans by Kings of Indigo.

part. 4 – Trijn

Trijn can’t wait for some Sunny days to come..
She loves to wear a beautiful colour palette
and combining different textures.
She’s a big fan of different layers,
so she can easily play with materials and silhouettes. 

She combines Dress Agnes by Aiayu
with a simple white top.
She wears her favorite off white chino by Pomandère
and elegant leather Humanoid slippers.

part. 3 – Margareth

Margareth’s favorite uniform is blue and white.
Timeless classy basics make her really happy.
And she loves little twists and special details in her garments.

She combines a playful white linen shirt
with graphic stitched lines and
dark blue linen pants, both by FANT.
Last but not least, she adds a beautiful new FANT scarf
and completes her outfit with a pair of PLA shoes.

part. 2 – Trijn

Trijn likes to wear natural colors,
contrasting materials,
subtle and thought-out designs.

Items she can treasure for a very long time.⁠

She combines a white linen blend shirt
and a pure, brown linen jacket, both by Pomandère.
She tops it of with her favorite
Alice jeans by Kings of Indigo
and simple leather Humanoid slippers.

part. 1 – Irene

Irene loves to wear something
simple, comfy, elegant and casual.

She likes to play with each garment.
Always working with
different shapes and forms.

She combines shirt Hawai
and Pants Natasja,
both by Monique van Heist,
shirt Dream by FANT
and a pair of PLA shoes.