Handmade leather punching bag. The perfect stress-relief companion for the whole family.

Available in three colors: off-white, cognac, taupe.

70 x 27 cm
Weight: 13 kg

100% fine organic bovine leather.
The leather is slightly waxed, with the unique surface characteristics of the hide, such as grains, scars, and subtle color differences remaining visible. Each Boxsack is impregnated and water-repellent.

The straps are made of 100% European cotton.

Amsterdam based Atelier Snekkerbuks, founded by Kristin Maurer.
Kristin started her Snekkerbuks journey when she wanted her 1-year-old daughter to be able to play freely in all weather conditions. She created Snekkerbuks; an all-leather pair of dungarees. These Snekkerbuks became a hit, and many kids wear these ‘pants to live’ in. From that moment Atelier Snekkerbuks continued making timeless, durable, leather products for everyday use. 

Each Boxsack is handcrafted in Atelier Snekkerbuks in Amsterdam.

The filling is made of 100% recycled textile shreds.
The amount of filling can be adjusted to change the weight and hardness of the Boxsack. A guide on how to do this is included.
If you want to make it harder or heavier, you can add your own discarded clothing, the best is to cut it into smaller pieces.

Clean with a damp cloth, if necessary. Don’t use detergents or soaps.