Feels like you’re wearing a hug around your neck.

The Lucy scarf by Aiayu.

Color: grain.

One size.

The Lucy scarf is an incredibly soft and luxurious essential in 100% cashmere. It is made in a garter stitch knitting technique and is complemented with a subtle monochrome logo at the center. The scarf is mid-sized, with the option to wear single or double-folded.


100% cashmere of the finest fiber selection, sourced from the undercoat of the Tibetian and Mongolian goats, knitted in Nepal.

aiayu, hand-knit in Nepal.

Products made from cashmere require a little more attention than products made of other coarser fibers. After wearing a new cashmere product you may find small balls of fiber forming on the surface. These balls are not indicative of inferior quality – it is an inevitable consequence of the careful processing of this very fine fiber. Pills can easily be removed by hand or by using a cashmere comb.

Washing is not always necessary and it is hard on your garment and the environment. Cashmere is a self-cleaning fiber that requires less washing than other materials. To save resources, simply air your garment for a fresh start.

If you have a very gentle washing machine it is possible to wash your Aiayu garment in the machine on a wool program 30 degrees, lowest cycle. However washing in the machine is at one’s own risk, as we cannot guarantee the individual program settings on washing machines.